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foreskin restoration products

The P.U.D.
the original Penile Uncircumcising Device since 1989
The most sophisticated foreskin restoration product to date.

It's 2021.

Would you like to have your foreskin back?

Would you like to have the natural protection you had at birth?

Would you like to be the way nature intended you to be?

Would you like a non-surgical alternative?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, these products may be what you're seeking.

foreskin restoration products

foreskin restoration products

The P.U.D., since 1989, has set the standard in foreskin restoration. This simple to use one piece unit was designed for partial or full restoration from start to finish.

The P.U.D. Tugger has been recommended by many men for foreskin restoration. The P.U.D. Tugger and the new P.U.D. GP are made of surgical quality stainless steel and are machined to a hi-tech satin finish.

The P.U.D. Tugger is recommended for those seeking a more conservative, discreet appearance. The new P.U.D. GP is for those who favor a bolder anatomical look. The length of the P.U.D. Tugger is 3.25 inches and the GP length is 3.5 inches.

How Does It Work?

Foreskin restoration is accomplished by taping shaft skin to this weighted product and letting gravity do its work. Some men see progress within two months and have their desired goal reached in approximately 12 to 24 months, depending on the weight and hours used per day, the amount of skin they have to start with, consistency of use, and their final goal (i.e., creation of slack skin, partial glans coverage, complete glans coverage, or 'overhang').

PUD usage guide: view instructions (you must have a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat)

P.U.D. Tugger Kit

While wearing the P.U.D. Tugger or P.U.D. GP, 2-4 inches are added to your perceived size. For a discreet appearance, loose fitting clothes are recommended.

All of our products come with a urinary passage so removal during urination is not necessary. All P.U.D. Tuggers and GPs include a hook attachment to allow the use of additional weight in stretching the foreskin. P.U.D. products are not recommended for use while sleeping, doing heavy exercise, or in the presence of dangerous equipment. These products are sold as novelty items only.

The P.U.D. kit includes one each of the following:
P.U.D. Tugger or GP weighted device, eye-hook, written instructions. Wearing instructions are also viewable online at link to the illustration sheet above. Tape and cleaning brush not supplied. An appropriate (8mm diameter) cleaning brush may be purchased online or in-store at Bed Bath & Beyond or by a web search for "stainless steel drinking straw brush" (e.g., here at Amazon).


P.U.D GP Kit

Click here for sizing and to order Tugger and GP models

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foreskin restoration devices

Protected by one or more of the following patents US-5,344,396;US DES 375,358, US-5,836,864. These products are sold as novelty items only.

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