Foreskin restoration is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and around the world among men who were forcibly circumcised as children, or who willingly underwent circumcision as adults and now regret that decision.

New studies show that circumcision significantly reduces male sexual sensitivity.

The physical, sexual and psychological benefits of foreskin restoration are numerous.

Manual foreskin restoration is relatively simple, affordable and painless. The restorer is in complete control of the outcome.

Surgical foreskin restoration is painful, imperfect and costly, and the restorer has no control over the outcome.

Listed below are many of the products, support groups and websites to help circumcised men restore the foreskin.


VIDEOS AND INFORMATION (list of devices follows)

These videos contain discussions of why many circumcised men are unhappy about circumcision, as well as how to restore the foreskin.

Whose Body, Whose Rights?
By far the most comprehensive video on the subject of male circumcision, and the only such program to gain recognition through several awards and broadcast by PBS. This video contains footage of men discussing the benefits of foreskin restoration.

They Cut Babies, Don't They? One Man's Struggle Against Circumcision
If at times the voices of men against circumcision sound strident, this video will surely explain why.This video contains footage of men discussing the benefits of foreskin restoration, as well as graphic images of the methods used by these men to accomplish foreskin restoration.

Restoration in Focus
A comprehensive video demonstrating the process for repairing the damage of circumcision through manual foreskin restoration, which materials are needed and where to get them. The reasons why a man subjected to circumcision at birth would desire foreskin restoration, and what benefits can be derived from it, are explored in the video Whose Body, Whose Rights?

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These popular foreskin restoration devices are widely used to repair circumcision damage.

P.U.D. - Penile Uncircumcising Device
One of the simplest and most effective stainless steel products for foreskin restoration.

An extremely effective restoration device that combines weight and vacuum to dramatically reduce the amount of "wearing time" (compared to other restoration devices).

Stainless steel weights in a variety of sizes used by many restoring men.

Introducing FOREGEN

New hope for those suffering from circumcision and other genital injuries. Promoting genital integrity through regenerative medicine.




Undoubtedly, the best book on the subject of foreskin restoration:

e-book version now available!

The Joy
of Uncircumcising!

by Jim Bigelow

foreskin restoration book


Foreskin Restoration Support Groups

These organizations are extremely helpful to men who are considering, or in the process of, foreskin restoration. They offer valuable ongoing technical assistance and moral support. Individual contacts and groups are located throughout the United States and in numerous countries throughout the world. The two major websites are listed below:

National Organization of Restoring Men (N.O.R.M.)

N.O.R.M. - Southern California

N.O.R.M. - United Kingdom

Important off-site links:

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Urge the media to report circumcision harm and the functions of the foreskin   Sign the Petition
U.S. Bill HR 2400 Will Enshrine Male Genital Cutting into Law   Write Your Representative to Vote No

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